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Does this mean the windshield wiper fluid is saliva?

Step aside, Herbie — there’s a new Love Bug in town. The Gene Simmons VW beetle, formerly a radio station promo car, is yours for a mere $10,000.

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If manual transmissions are outlawed, only outlaws will have manual transmissions

I’m not sure what’s better: the fact that a pistol-shaped shifter knob exists, or the number of reviewers who complained because you don’t change gears by pulling the trigger.

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Next: The in-dash ketchup dispenser

French fry adapter for a vehicle’s cup holder: “This accessory will hold French fry containers of each size that are used by most fast food chains.”

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Giant War Tank Pinata

Fill it with candy. Or 120 mm shells.

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TruckBallsWhy do so many men hang fake testicles from the trailer hitches on their pickup trucks? It’s not like women are driving around with fake tampon strings dangling from their Jetta exhausts.

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