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And that’s why the neighborhood children were never allowed to go to the Willke’s house after school again

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Lick It Up

kiss_potato_head When KISS announced they were recording a “meat and potatoes” album, they weren’t kidding: The Sonic Boom CD/DVD will be sold in WalMart, in a specially designated KISS KORNER alongside other gems like the KISS Mr. Potato Head Collectors Set. $10 says Gene’s tongue is the first piece the kids will lose.  [  ]

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Things that go ‘AIEEEEE!’ in the night

clown_nightlightRemember when you were young and scared of the dark, and your parents put a nightlight in your room to help you overcome your fears?

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Let’s Play Pretend!

crochet_masksCrochet ski masks for young children who want to grow up and become bank robbers.


Billy had to settle for the Neverland Ranch Day Camp

…because the Sleepover Camp was all booked up.

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