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Making The Workplace More Funner

clownlcdrufflepixIf I ran a large company, I would have the IT Department install Clown LCD Ruffles on everyone’s workstation. Then everybody would know that I’m the kind of CEO who just wants her employees to be terrified-yet-productive happy.


Let’s Play Pretend!

crochet_masksCrochet ski masks for young children who want to grow up and become bank robbers.


Bathroom Makeover: Extreme Edition

rabbit_toiletSure, you could impress guests by having an ultra-modern bathroom, complete with a fancy Japanese washlet (“the first intelligent, “aware of you” toilet that takes personal hygiene to a new level”!) and a $47,200 bathtub.

Or you could just crochet over everything, from the toilet to the liquid soap dispenser.

And don’t forget the all-important holiday-themed toilet paper cozies!

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