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“Here, kitty, kitty.”

I’ve always had mixed feelings about ebay listings that show the seller’s pet. Cats are especially notorious for wandering into the shot just as you snap the shutter:

On the one hand, I love animals and I’m happy to support my fellow pet-owners. On the other hand, there’s no telling whether Fluffy used her litter box before walking all over that sweater I’m about to buy:

However, I draw the line at snarling raccoons.

This charming little rodent must qualify as a “pet” because he shows up in nearly all of this seller’s listings. There he is, wagging his tongue, enjoying a snack, even trying out the silverware.

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It’s got a good beat, and…

… well, that’s about all you’ll find on this LP of canine heart sounds.

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Rhymes with “Vick”

vickChewToyMichael Vick has been reinstated to the NFL. Next up: Roger Goodell is pelted with hundreds of chew toys on way to a press conference.

Meanwhile, dogs across the country take to the streets in protest.

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