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French fry adapter for a vehicle’s cup holder: “This accessory will hold French fry containers of each size that are used by most fast food chains.”

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Your guide to Testy- er, I mean Tasty dishes!

They say that organ meats are all the rage among foodies, so it should come as little surprise that somebody has written a testicle cookbook.

Serbian chef Ljubomir Erovic also runs the World Testicle Cooking Championship (aka The Ballcup), which brought the world its first testicle cocktail, created by Danish “BallTender” (heh) Stefan Candby:

Bourbon with Balls: Suddenly, that worm in the bottom of the Mezcal bottle doesn’t sound so gross…

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Everything’s better when it sits on a Ritz!

…well, almost everything.

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“Good” to the last drop


Foco Bird’s Nest Drink claims to be “a refreshing drink good for throat.” There’s no mention of its effect on the stomach, so you’re left to draw your own conclusions from the brief-yet-nauseating ingredients list: Bird’s Nest Flavoring, Water, Rock Sugar, White Fungus.

The creme de la creme (so to speak) is that the white fungus flavoring is artificial.