Who Buys These Things?

Best seats in the house

Nothing says luxury like a hand-carved leather toilet seat:

Don’t believe me? Just ask “The Happy Hemptress”, shown here proudly displaying her classy rose-and-pot-leaf themed seat:

Just look at that big grin! That toilet seat sure is making her happy! Just think how much happier you would be if you were greeted by that every time nature called.

But maybe you’re aiming (heh) for something more upscale? Perhaps a seat emblazoned with a famous designer logo is more your style:

Or an Amy Winehouse tribute toilet seat that’s both “bejeweled and shellacked” (much like its namesake!)

I’m actually quite fond of this toilet seat featuring gay pulp paperback covers — only I fear I’d be consumed trying to read them all and forget why I went in there in the first place:

This next one poses an interesting metaphysical dilemma: If said “dump” is in progress, then why is the lid down? And if the lid is up and the sign thus obscured, is the aforementioned activity actually happening? Wouldn’t this make more sense as a sign on the door?

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