Who Buys These Things?

Who’s the Farrah-est of them all?

Farrah_styler Poor Farrah Fawcett. First she succumbs to a tragic and terribly undignified sounding disease. Then her death is totally upstaged by Michael Jackson’s. The TV is all-Jacko all-the-time; meanwhile, Charlie’s best-known angel is lucky to get three column inches in the Obit section.

The biggest indignity, of course, is seeing your stuff peddled on eBay for mere pennies. Farrah’s first car phone, netted a respectable amount ($513.50), but there was only one bidder on her copy of Excel 2000, and at the embarrassingly low price of $19.99. Used copies that belonged to regular schmoes are selling on Amazon for $49.95, fer cryin’ out loud!

Oh Farrah, Farrah, Farrah. Will we ever have hair as soft and silky as yours? Will we ever learn the truth about your secret addiction to Milk Duds? Will the media ever stop treating you like a piece of furniture and recognize you for the genius that you are?


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