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The Art of Looking Presidential

It’s probably not a contender to hang in the National Portrait Gallery, but artist Danielle Macindoe’s oil painting of Rick Santorum in front of a Santorum-splattered American flag offers a unique perspective on the man with the world’s worst Google problem. (Bonus: 50% of the sale price goes to the It Gets Better Project.)

“You’ve got something on your chin, Senator.”

Artist John Travisano presents an Eraserhead-esque caricature of Rick Santorum that’s almost as twisted as his views. Or maybe that bulging cranium is just his ego after winning Iowa?

Artist Paul Van Scott titled this trippy painting Magical Rick Santorum. There’s no clue as to what magical power(s) it possesses — maybe the ability to beat Mitt Romney?

Speaking of Mittens, the same artist has recreated his likeness with a mosaic of vintage political buttons. You can zoom in to see the actual buttons used. Incidentally, Mitt’s mouth is full of Spiro Agnew buttons — which is a lot better than having a mouth full of Santorum.

Say hello to a softer, fuzzier commander-in-chief with this Newt Gingrich felt finger puppet.

Get the matching Ron Paul finger puppet and you can stage your own debate! Unfortunately, the Santorum and Romney finger puppets aren’t available, so you’ll have to find a substitute (I suggest Kanye West and Dave Grohl with Hunter S. Thompson moderating. Now there’s a debate worth watching!)

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