Who Buys These Things?

Gentlemen, start your engines…

Season 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race continues tonight (if you don’t get Logo, or don’t live near a bar that gets Logo, you can watch the show on the website. Also, you should move.)

Fortunately, I do get Logo (as well as live near plenty of bars), so tonight you’ll find me waving my Absolut Vodka pom-poms as I root for Pittsburgh’s very own Sharon Needles!

“Two-four-six-eight! Let’s-drink-until-we-can’t-see-straight!
Three-five-seven-nine! Out of vodka? Switch to wine!”

Ahem. Anyway, back to the show… Sharon easily won the first week’s challenge with her eerily gorgeous post-apocalyptic couture:

The next week she pulled a 180, donning the type of girly garb more typically seen on Betsey Johnson’s runway during Fashion Week:

Both times she was stunning. Who knows what fashion tricks she has up her sleeve for this week? Will she return to the dark side? After all, this is Sharon Needles who does Marilyn Manson better than Marilyn Manson. But this girl is versatile, and clearly loves surprises. No matter what she wears, I’m sure she’ll be a knockout. Sharon, honey, your fans are waiting with baited breath! Good luck tonight!

And remember:

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