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So long, Hines Ward

In case you haven’t heard, #86 has been eighty-sixed. Yesterday, the Steelers announced they will release Hines Ward, and predictably, Steeler Nation has gone into collective mourning.

Ward posted a fond farewell on his Facebook page, saying “I will always bleed black and gold.”

Now would be the perfect time to stock up on Ward memorabilia. Don’t have a stack of Benjamins to drop on an autographed jersey? Here are some less-expensive ways to remember the Super Bowl XL MVP and winner of “Dancing With The Stars”.

Handmade Hines Ward wooden figure on Etsy

Crocheted Hines Ward doll w/ removable helmet (also on Etsy)

Ceramic Hines Ward rock head, “with a flat spot on his head to hold your remote.”

Guns Don’t Kill People t-shirt

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